Vertical Growing

VetaNova, Inc.

Indoor Farming Advantages

With vertical greenhouses, the benefits are multitude. You get a year-round crop, there’s a better usage of space, and the approach environmentally friendly.

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VetaNova, Inc.

Pros of Vertical Greenhouses

  • Reliable year-round crop production.

  • Crops remain unaffected by adverse weather conditions.

  • Better use of space.

  • Minimize water usage.

  • Highly energy efficient.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • No chemicals or pesticides.

  • Safe for staff.

  • Low labor costs.

Vertical farming offers better tasting, more sustainable produce and an increased crop yield with a smaller land requirement. In a greenhouse, there is more control over the resulting flavor and cleanliness of crops. Because these crops are grown indoors, they aren’t dependent on natural elements that typically affect plant production, such as adverse weather, insects, and seasons. Without the need for heavy machinery, pesticides or fertilizers, vertical farms are better for the environment.